Airpocalypse: Air Quality Index Hits 755 in Smog Filled Beijing

Posted on January 14, 2013

Beijing's residents are hiding indoors to avoid Airpocalypse. Freezing temperatures and a lack of wind have combined to greatly enhance Beijing's pollution, which is already bad enough on a typical day. The Air Quality Index hit 755 at its peak in Beijing. The Air Quality Index is only meant to go to 500. Anything over 300 is considered hazardous.'s chart shows that any number over 300 is hazardous and "everyone may experience more serious health effects."

NPR reports that the pollution is so awful that government is even facing criticism from its official mouthpiece, the People's Day. The first video below, from ABC News, shows how horrible the air quality is. Air filters blacken in just 24 hours in the toxic air and there is a filthy film on all vehicles. The second video from CNN explains how Beijing's pollution is worsened by geography. Take a look:

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