Alexa Chung's Style Book, It, Arrives in September

Posted on July 5, 2013

Alexa Chung It Cover

Alexa Chung has a style book coming out in September, called It. Alexa is a television presenter, host of the music TV show Fuse News and a contributor to Vogue UK. Alexa has also modeled campaigns for Madewell, Maje, L'Oreal and other brands. The book has a simple pink cover with an eye in the middle.

Alexa's publisher Penguin says the book includes her writing, doogles and photographs. She covers some of early style inspirations such as her grandfather and the Spice Girls. Alexa talks about some of her obsessions, including Jane Birkin and Annie Hall. She gives advice on getting dressed in the morning and taking a good selfie photograph.

Penguin also describes the book itself. The publishers says the book is real cloth with "hand-crafted marbled endpages covered in polkadots, stripy head and tail bands, and luxiouriously creamy paper."

The Telegraph writes that they expect the book to quickly sell out.

Photo: Penguin Books
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