Amazon's Echo Show Device Features a 7-inch Touchscreen

Posted on May 9, 2017

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon has added a touchscreen in the latest configuration its Echo devices. The Echo Show retails for $229.99. It will ship on 6-28-17.

Echo Show is available in black and white. Like other Echo devices it features Amazon's Alexa voice technology. Thanks to the touchscreen you can also be shown things by Alexa, including YouTube videos, music lyrics and shopping lists. You can also see footage from compatible cameras in your home, such as an outdoor video camera or a baby monitor.

Echo Show also enables video calling. The Verge calls this feature "next-level FaceTime." Amazon adds a new communication platform for Amazon devices with the Echo Show. Echo devices and smartphones can communicate with an Alexa app. The Echo Show acts like a video intercom for communication between friends and families.

The Echo Show also has dual 2 inch stereo speakers and a 5MP camera. This Amazon video shows how Echo Show works and can help around the home. Take a look:

Photo: Amazon
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