Amber Valletta Covers June 2014 Issue of Allure Magazine

Posted on May 20, 2014

Amber Valletta covers June 2014 issue of Allure

Amber Valletta covers the June 2014 issue of Allure magazine. She has a short pixie hairstyle on the cover, which was photographed by Tom Munro. In the interview, Amber talks about modeling and her concerns about the labor conditions in the textile industry.

On Modeling Getting Harder: "I've been modeling so long that it's kind of second nature. It's harder, now that I don't do it every day, to control the muscles in my face and pose. I'm probably older. I am older, not 'probably.' I think that makes a difference. But I bring all of myself to whatever I do."

On Labor Conditions in the Textile Industry: "It's a dire situation. People are dying so we can wear fashion, especially cheap fashion. It's really about everybody joining the party and saying we all have a responsibility as consumers."

On Being Called Mother Teresa by Other Models: "They called me Mother Teresa because I would get all serious and talk about world problems and, like, How are we going to fix things? It drove them nuts. It was a joke. They would even sometimes call me the wicked Mother Teresa because I was doing all that introspection as I was, like, out of my mind."

Here is a behind the scenes video from Amber's Allure shoot. You can view the cover shoot photos here.

Photo: Allure
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