An Unusual Ride: the Dolphin Watercraft

Posted on October 24, 2005

Dolphin watercraft

A company named Innespace has created a unique water vehicle called the Dolphin watercraft. The vehicle can flip and move through the water performing dolphin-like tricks.

The first Dophin craft created by Innespace was the Sweet Virgin Angel. It was built in 2001. The Innespace Dolphin can perform sustained dives and tricks that include huge jumps and barrel rolls.

The vehicle also appeared in one of the Austin Powers movies. It looks more exciting than a Jet Ski. The company is working on a two-seater version of the Dolphin. Unfortunately, the Dolphin watercraft are so far only built for demonstration.

Update: The Innespace products can now be found on the Seabreacher website. Here is a video of the Seabreacher in action. Take a look:

Photo: Innespace
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