Anti Gay Group Calls For Boycott of J.C. Penney for Featuring Ellen DeGeneres in Holiday Commercial

Posted on December 7, 2012

J.C. Penney has angered the One Million Moms group by allowing openly gay talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to star in one of its Christmas commercials. The group now wants consumers to boycott J.C. Penney saying, "JCP has made their choice to offend a huge majority of their customers again," Christians must now vote with their wallets. We have contacted J C Penney's several times in the past with our concerns, and they will not listen. They have decided to ignore our complaints and so we will avoid them at all costs."

The group has been outspoken against any corporations which are supportive of gays. Here is the commercial in question which features Ellen in a diner negotiating with some elves to give out 80 million holiday buttons. The buttons give customers a chance to win gifts and trips. We certainly hope customers ignore the group and its call for a boycott. Take a look:

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