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SNL: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Announces the Mercedes AA Class Electric Car

Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosted Saturday Night Live last night and did a very funny faux commercial for the new Mercedes, which is the first electric luxury sedan to run on individual battereis. The new all electric Mercedes AA class runs on 9,648 double A batteries. It has zero emissions and can reach a top speed of 52 miles an hour. Read more... April 17, 2016

Best Buy's Geek Squad Unveils New Geekmobile

Best Buy has unveiled new Geekmobiles for its Geek Squad. The company also unveiled a new Geek Squad logo. The new vehicle is a Toyota Prius c hybrid. The company previously used the Volkswagen Beetle as its tech support car. Read more... April 15, 2016

Tesla Model 3 Set for 2017 Release With Prices Starting at $35,000

Tesla unveiled its Model 3 vehicle at an event at its California headquarters on Friday. This will be the lowest priced car yet from the auto company headed by Elon Musk. The new vehicle will start at $35,000 and go on sale in 2017. Read more... April 2, 2016

April Fool's Day: BMW Launches xDrive Baby Boots

BMW has unveiled BMW xDrive Baby Boots for April 1st, 2016. The cute boots help babies achieve perfect weight distribution for when they go toddling around. The also provide the baby wearing them with extra maneuverability around corners. Read more... April 1, 2016

BMW Unveils Vision Next 100 Concept Car

BMW has unveiled its futuristic Vision Next 100 concept car. The car was launched to celebrate BMW's centenary. The concept car will be taken on a world tour. Read more... March 12, 2016

Maya Toys Uses Decorated Car to Introduce Pom Pom Wow Line

Maya Toys used a decorated car covered in 15,000 pom-poms to introduce its Pom Pom Wow line at the 2016 Toy Fair. The new arts and crafts line enables girls to add pom-pom flourishes to their personal items. Read more... February 16, 2016

Ford and Lego Launch Mustang and F-150 Raptor Sets

Ford and Lego have announced the launch of a new line of Lego sets. The sets will be part of the Lego Speed Champions division. They include sets for Ford Mustang and F-150 Raptor vehicles. Read more... January 15, 2016

Derek Zoolander is the Face of the Fiat 500X

Derek Zoolander is the face of the new Fiat 500X advertising campaign. The campaign is running ahead of the release of the film Zoolander 2 in theaters on February 12. Zoolander is played by actor Ben Stiller in the movie. Stiller also directed the movie. Read more... January 11, 2016

Porsche Cayman Black Edition to Arrive in January 2016

Porsche recently announced the Porsche Cayman Black Edition. This is an expansion of the Black Edition line-up that already includes the Boxster and 911 Carrera. Read more... October 31, 2015

Keanu Reeves Helps Launch Neiman Marcus 2015 Christmas Book

Neiman Marcus has unveiled its 2015 Christmas Book. This is the 89th edition of the annual catalog which features a new selection of luxury gift items. Read more... October 17, 2015

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