Band of Outsiders Design Mugs for Starbucks

Posted on June 13, 2014

Band of Outsiders designs Starbucks mug

Band of Outsiders has collaborated with Starbucks for two mug designs. Band of Outsiders founder and designer Scott Sternberg designed two Starbucks Double Wall Ceramic Mugs for the limited edition collection.

The mugs were inspired by Sternberg's favorite coffee slang term "drip." The mugs show black or multicolored paint dripping down the side of the mugs. The black paint version is pictured above.

Sternberg says, "The coffee drink you choose - drip, espresso or a latte - is a form of style and self-expression just as important as what you choose to put on in the morning."

The mugs can be found on They will be sold at Starbucks Stores starting June 24, 2014.

Photo: Starbucks
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