Belgian Postal Service Launches Stamps With Chocolate Scent and Taste

Posted on February 18, 2013

BPost Chocolate Stamps

The Belgian postal service, BPost, has launched a line of stamps with a chocolate flavored adhesive and scent. The stamps were created by Tony Le Duc and Kathleen Miller. The chocolate flavor is released when the stamp is licked. Over 500,000 of the stamps are being produced.

It is an odd idea, but it does sound tastier than the yucky glue taste you get from licking a stamp or an envelope. The self-adhesive stamps are best. Then you don't have to lick anything.

BBC News has a video that explains how the stamps were made. A lot of detail and research went into these chocolate stamps. They are very serious about their chocolate stamps in Belgium. BBC News says over 500,000 of the stamps are being produced.

Photo: BPost
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