Beyonce Wears Randi Rahm Dress to Michelle Obama's 50th Birthday Party

Posted on January 21, 2014

Beyonce wears Randi Rahm Mallory gown to Michelle Obama's 50th Birthday Party

Beyonce wore a Randi Rahm gown to Michelle Obama's 50th birthday party. Randi Rahm says on Facebook that the short beaded dress is known as the "Mallory" dress. Beyonce accessorized with Lorraine Schwart jewelry. She performed at the party with a live band.

Beyonce shared a photo of her sitting in a red chair and petting Sunny, one of the First Family's dogs. Beyonce also shared photos of her and Blue Ivy looking at the White House Christmas decorations. Blue Ivy also got to meet Sunny. Beyonce shared the photos on her Tumblr.

Beyonce pets Sunny at the White House while wearing Randi Rahm Mallory gown

Photo: Beyonce
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