Blake Shelton Pokes Fun at Adam Levine's Blond Hair on The Voice

Posted on May 6, 2014

Adam Levine with blond hair

Adam Levine revealed his shocking new blond hair on Twitter this weekend. Levine shared a selfie he took with girlfriend Behati Prinsloo.

Blake Shelton must have been waiting for the chance to comment on Levine's new look on The Voice. When Levine was introduced, Shelton said, "That's Adam? I thought Meg Ryan was sitting in with us tonight."

Adam Levine with blond hair on The Voice

Levine reportedly became defensive of his hair backstage. Today says Levine was reportedly overheard saying he doesn't need people to like his hair. He also said, "I honestly don't care. I would love all those people who talk (expletive) online to walk up to me on the street and say the same thing and see if they can actually do it. That's real courage."

Photos: Adam Levine (top)/Trae Patton/NBC (second)
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