Brian Williams Raps Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice

Posted on April 22, 2014

Only Jimmy Fallon could convince NBC Nightly News managing editor and anchor Brian Williams to rap Snoop Dogg's classic "Gin and Juice." Okay, it's really the amazing John MacDonald, the film research coordinator at The Tonight Show that edited untold hours of footage to make it look like Williams is rapping with some backup up vocals by news correspondents Richard Engel and Kate Snow. The first Brian Williams rap performance was of Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight." Williams says he hears from people all the time who think he's really rapping. He's a good sport and we just love that knowing look at the end.

Snoop Dogg himself got a huge kick out of the performance, tweeting, "hahaha my guy !! @bwilliams doin gin and juice - i luv it @jimmyfallon !!" Take a look:

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