Britney Spears Thanks Justin Bieber for Liking Her Fragrance

Posted on October 27, 2010

Britney Spears Justin Bieber Tweet

Justin Bieber has a new fragrance coming out on Black Friday called My World. In an interview about the new fragrance with WWD, Justin Bieber told WWD he likes the way Britney Spears' fragrance smells on girls. Bieber said, "I actually like the Britney Spears perfume on girls. It smells good."

Britney Spears took the time to thank Justin Beiber for his comments with a tweet. Justin Bieber saying he likes Britney's fragrance probably sent tween girls flocking to stores to get the perfume. So, Britney and Justin Bieber. Singing. Dancing. We like it. Time to make that happen. Hey, if Willow Smith can pop into Justin's concert, why can't Britney?

Britney Spears Radiance
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