Chobani Expands Offerings at New York City Soho Cafe

Posted on February 28, 2014

Chobani cafe in New York City SoHo district

Chobani has expanded the offerings at its New York City Soho cafe. The cafe is located at 152 Prince Street at the intersection of West Broadway. The 825-square-foot cafe also has additional seating and more interactive experiences including the Yogurt Bar, a Communal Harvest Table and the SoHo Lounge area with bench seats. The cafe and expanded menu were created to help diners experience a Mediterranean lifestyle.

Simits a Turkish street bread sold at Chobani SoHo cafe

Some of the new menu items include simits (pictured above), a traditional Turkish street bread served with seasonal ingredients and yogurt spreads. The cafe also offers artisan soups infused with Chobani Greek Yogurt for rich texture and flavor. There are also new sweet and savory yogurt creations and a new espresso bar.

New menu item at the Chobani SoHo cafe

Peter McGuinness, chief marketing and brand officer for Chobani, says in the announcement, "With Chobani SoHo, we get the chance to interact directly with our customers every day – to inspire them and be inspired by them. Our cafe truly is the purest expression of the brand. Every detail reflects who we are, from the menu that pays tribute to our founder's heritage, to the wood, glass and steel elements representing our brand elements of agriculture, transparency and manufacturing."

Photos: Chobani
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