Diesel Sells Virtual Clothes in PlayStation Home

Posted on December 21, 2008

Diesel in PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home is a new virtual world for users of the PlayStation 3 game console. PlayStation users can interact with one another as they explore the world. The virtual world includes bars, clubs, bowling alleys, chess, a movie theatre, a mall and much more. People can also get a personal virtual apartment and obtain clothing for their avatars. Diesel is one of the clothing lines that has partnered with PlayStation Home. They are selling virtual clothes for as little as free to a few dollars. Lignet Roset sells furniture in Home. Paramount Pictures and Red Bull have also partnered with PlayStation Home to promote their products. If Home is a hit you can expect many more brands to follow.

Below is a detailed 24-minute explanation of PlayStation Home from Jack Buser, Director for PlayStation Home.

Image: Sony Entertainment
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