Eben Upton, Founder of Rasberry Pi $35 Computer, Talks Teaching Kids to Program

Posted on December 3, 2012

CNN interviewed Eben Upton, the co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Upton and colleagues at Cambridge University founded the charitable organization which created a tiny, credit card size computer to help kids learn how to program. The computer costs $35 and can be connected to your TV or monitor and a keyboard. The tiny little PC can be used for games, word processing, accounting and playing video. The organization is focused on the educational market and kids seem to love that the computer is not in a box. The computer leads the kids through the steps to modify a program, and that's what gets them hooked Upton says. Once they get a good result, they want to learn more.

It's an amazing device that is generating major buzz. You can read more about Rasberry Pi at its website. Take a look:

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