Einstein Noah Offers Free Bagle With Coffee on National Bagel Day

Posted on February 4, 2013

Einstein Noah 9 Grain Bagel and Shmear

Einstein Noah is offering a free bagel and shmear, with the purchase of a coffee or espresso, to celebrate National Bagel Day. The bagel holiday falls on Saturday, February 9. Einstein Noah runs the Einstein Bros. and Noah's New York Bagels bagel brands. A 9-grain bagel and shmear is pictured above. Einstein Bros. has tasty bagels. Our favorite is the Noah Lox and Bagel, but on a plain bagel, not on the 9-grain bagel pictured above.

Jeff O'Neill, ceo of Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, said in the announcement, "Here at Einstein Bros. you do not have to settle for either a great bagel or a great cup of coffee because we offer both at a great value and over 20 different varieties, including our latest addition our Super Grains bagels that are packed with whole grain goodness to help power your day. We are proud to provide the perfect meal in one stop."

Photo: Einstein Noah
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