Erin Fetherston Designs Collection for JewelMint

Posted on February 6, 2014

Erin Fetherston launched jewelry collection at JewelMint

Designer Erin Fetherston has designed a jewelry collection for JewelMint, a BeachMint company. There are ten pieces in the Erin Fetherston x JewelMint collection. They include two necklaces, four rings, one headband, two cuffs and one bangle set. The collection features Valentine icons including bows, hearts, and Cupid's arrow. Each piece in the collection is priced at $29.95.

Erin said in a statement, "I wanted this collection to reference iconic ERIN style in a bold and modern way. I took a subversive approach to signature elements like bows, hearts, tassels, and kitty ears, playing with scale and perspective to give the pieces an edgy point of view. I wanted to challenge myself to reinterpret classically 'girly' symbols in a fashion forward, innovative way; that lead me to consider hearts, arrows, and animalia for the various motifs."

Photo: BeachMint
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