FDA Proposes New Regulations for E-cigarettes

Posted on April 25, 2014

The FDA is proposing new rules to regulate electronic cigarettes, commonly known as e-cigarettes. The FDA says e-cigarettes have not been fully studied so consumers have no idea how harmful they could potentially be. The battery powered devices turn chemicals, including nicotine, into an aerosol that the user inhales.

The FDA is proposing to extend its tobacco authority to additional tobacco products, which include e-cigarettes. The new rules would ban e-cigarette sales to children under age 18. The rules also require health warnings on packaging. Vending machine sales would be prohibited.

ABC News says the e-cigarette industry argues that its products are tech gadgets and not tobacco products. ABC News also shows the similarity between today's marketing campaigns for e-cigarettes and some old cigarette campaigns. Take a look:

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