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Christina Aguilera Stars in Oreo Dunk Challenge Campaign

Singer Christina Aguilera stars in a new campaign for Oreo cookies. Christina wears a white long-sleeved shirt with black pants in the campaign. The main video for the campaign is called "Star Treatment Dunk." Read more... February 24, 2017

McCall Farms Unveils See-Through Vegetable Can

McCall Farms has announced the launch of a see-through vegetable can. The can is pictured above on a Green Lima Beans can for its Glory Farms brand. The cans were recently introduced exclusively at Harris Teeter and Ingles grocery stores in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic states. Read more... February 23, 2017

Pop-Tarts Pop-up Cafe Opens in New York City

There's now a Pop-Tarts Cafe in New York City's Times Square, but it won't be there for long. The Kellogg's NYC restaurant in Times Square has temporarily morphed into a Pop-Tarts Cafe with unique recipes. It will be available through February 26. Read more... February 22, 2017

Taco Bell to Offer Weddings at Las Vegas Restaurant

Taco Bell is opening a wedding chapel in its Las Vegas location. Couples will be able to get married at the Taco Bell starting this summer. The wedding package will cost $600. Read more... February 18, 2017

Oreo Eggs Expected in U.S. Stores Soon

Oreo Eggs are expected to arrive in U.S. stores very soon. A People story from last month says the eggs are expected are expected to start arriving around mid-February. If you look at your calendar you will see that we are just past the middle of the month! Read more... February 15, 2017

KFC Chizza is a Pizza With a Chicken Crust

KFC has a product out called the Chizza. It is a combination of a pizza and fried chicken. The menu item has chicken in place of a pizza dough crust. It is currently available in Singapore. Read more... February 9, 2017

Huge Bids on eBay for Harambe Cheeto

Cheetos that resemble objects, animals and people often wind on eBay. Occasionally, these Cheetos will generate large public interest and high bids. The Harambe Cheeto is one of these rare items that is garnering a lot of eBay activity. Harambe is the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that was killed by park officials last year. Read more... February 9, 2017

Hostess Launches Twinkies Ice Cream

Hostess Brands has announced the launch of a number of frozen treats. The new items are available in grocery stores nationwide. The products include Twinkies Ice Cream and Ding Dong ice cream sandwiches. Read more... February 8, 2017

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Announces Valentine's Day Heart Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme has launched new heart-shaped doughnuts for Valentine's Day 2017. There are three different doughnuts available this season. They include a doughnut covered in sprinkles and two doughnuts with candy googly eyes. Read more... February 6, 2017

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