Ford India Apologizes for Unauthorized Ad Showing Paris Hilton Kidnapping Kardashian Sisters

Posted on March 25, 2013

Unauthorized Ford ad showing Paris Hilton kidnapping the Kardashians

The executives at Ford India are having a terrible week. There has been a huge outcry over three ads posted to the website of Ford's ad agency in India. Ford India has apologized for the ads and said it never approved them. So what has every one is such an uproar? One ad shows Paris Hilton in the front seat of a Ford, with the three Kardashian sisters gagged and bound in the trunk (the ad uses the British term "boot"). Paris is winking at the camera, clearly kidnapping her longtime rivals.

The second ad shows disgraced former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi driving the same car with three women bound and gagged in the trunk. The women are drawn very provocatively and have ball gags in their mouths. The caption reads "Leave your worries behind with Figo's extra-large boot." Perhaps they are on their way to one of his infamous bunga bunga parties? The implied violence against women in this has incited fury in India, which is in the middle of political upheaval over several cases of brutal rape against women that have women's rights groups up in arms over the terrible treatment of women.

The third ad shows Formula One driver Michael Schumacher kidnapping his male racing competitors. The ads were created by ad agency JWT India, which said in a statement that the agency didn't approve the ads, that they were created by individuals as posters. The agency said the ads were never paid for and were not supposed to be released.

Ford spokeswoman Sethi Peepti told The Economic Times, "We take this very seriously and are reviewing approval and oversight processes, and taking necessary steps to ensure nothing like this ever happens again." We're thinking JWT's rivals are already preparing pitches to try to steal the Ford India account.

CNN reports on the ad disaster:

Image: Ford
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