Friskies Announces Finalists for Internet Cat Video Awards

Posted on October 27, 2012

Friskies Catuette Award

Friskies has announced the finalists for its Internet cat video awards, called The Friskies. People can vote online for their favorites. There are four different categories. Winners will receive a Catuette award for Best Video and $2,500. The grand prize winner will receive $15,000. The Friskies awards will be presented live November 14 in a ceremony produced in conjunction with The Pet Collective.

Shaun Belongie, Friskies brand manager, said in a statement. "The finalists' videos are all great representations of the art form of the Internet cat video. Cats see the world very differently than we do and the finalists' videos give us a great peek into that world. We look forward to seeing which videos the community and judges choose to become the first-ever winners of 'The Friskies,' and celebrating them during our live award ceremony."

Photo: Friskies
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