Gasoline Shortage Adds to Misery in New Jersey and New York

Posted on November 2, 2012

A serious gas shortage has developed in New Jersey and New York. The New York Times has a story about the growing problem this morning. The New York Times story says 60% of stations in New Jersey are closed and 70% of Long Island gas stations are closed. The states have two problems contributing to the shortage. The first is that many pumps simply do not work because they have been damaged or the station does not have power. The other problem is that stations with power and functioning pumps are running out of gas because the refueling tankers are slow to get to the stations. Enormous lines, fights and confusion have broken out at the gas stations that do have gas.

This AP video shows some of the long lines for gas in New Jersey. The lines include cars waiting for gas and people waiting in line to fill up their gas canisters. Take a look:

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