Genesis Rodriguez Covers People's New Chica Magazine

Posted on May 5, 2014

Genesis Rodriguez covers Chica magazine

Latina actress Genesis Rodriguez covers People's new Chica magazine. People is testing the new English-language magazine as an insert in People en Espanol. Genesis has appeared in movies including Man a Ledge, What to Expect When You're Expecting and Identity Thief. Genesis is the daughter of singer and actor Jose Luis Rodríguez 'El Puma'.

Genesis says in the announcement, "I’m so unbelievably happy and blessed, and just so thankful with life right now. I am living my dream every day."

Genesis tells Chica she will allow herself to eat dessert or fries as long she works out that day. She says, "Whenever I feel like eating dessert, rice, beans or fries, I give myself that as long as I work out. I know I can't eat whatever I want and look the way I want, so you need to work for it. I give credit to Pilates and my parents' good genes."

Photo: People
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