Georgina Burke Named New Face of Torrid

Posted on February 11, 2014

Georgina Burke covers the Torrid Spring 2014 catalog

Australian model Georgina Burke, 23, has been named the new face of Torrid. She covers the brand's 2014 swimsuit catalog.

Liz Munoz, senior vice president of product development at Torrid, says in the announcement, "As we looked at the photos of ... Georgina in our new swim collection, we couldn't help but wonder how she's not on the cover of the swimsuit edition of a national magazine, just because she's a size 14/16. 68 percent of American women wear a size 12 and up, yet are still labeled 'plus size.' We say - forget the labels. We know real beauty when we see it. And this is it."

Georgina says he was a size 18 as a teen and she couldn't fit in the jeans and trendy clothes the other girls were wearing. She turned to equestrian to help build her self-esteem and find an activity she could make her own. She says this was a big turning point for her. She was approached by an agent and decided to take the plus-size model route. She is currently modeling professionally and living in New York City. Her fashion advice to women is to "wear what you love." Take a look:

Photo: Torrid
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