Gia Coppola and James Franco Discuss Palo Alto at Venice Film Festival

Posted on September 2, 2013

Gia Coppola, the niece of Sofia Coppola and granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola, made her directorial debut at the Venice Film Festival with her new film, Palo Alto. The film is based on Palo Alto Stories which was written by James Franco. The film follows the lives of four high school students living in Palo Alto, California. Franco stars in the film as a soccer coach who seduces one of his players (Emma Roberts). In an interview Franco says that the young character Teddy is the most like him. Teddy gets mixed up with drugs and gets into trouble, although he is a talented artist. Franco explains, "I guess I was a little like that, I was into art, I got into a bit of trouble, and yeah, that's me." Gia said that teens are very vulnerable and if they get in with the wrong crowd it can really influence their lives. She said the film shows how important it is who your friends are. Take a look:

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