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Cute Star Wars Tins from Hallmark Called Cubeez

Hallmark has launched a line of cute square Star Wars container tins called Cubeez. The metal tins are stackable. They have a lid on the top. The tins are a 3-inch cube. Read more... June 26, 2016

Taylor Swift Launches Greeting Card Line With Papyrus

Taylor Swift has designed a new collection of greeting cards for Papyrus. The cards can be found in Papyrus stores. A few of the cards are also available online in the Papyrus online store. Read more... June 21, 2016

American Greetings Unveils Customizable William Shatner Video Ecard

William Shatner performs in a new video ecard from American Greetings. The customizable card is set to the song "Shout." Shatner performs in his spoke-word singing style with backup dancers. Read more... May 23, 2016

1-800-Flowers Lets Customers Place Orders Using Amazon Alexa Technology

1-800-Flowers customers can now place orders using an Amazon Alexa powered device. These devices include the Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, or Fire TV. The company says it is the first third party e-commerce retailer to utilize the technology on Alexa-enabled devices. Read more... May 5, 2016

Hallmark Launches The Walking Dead Valentine's Day eCards

Hallmark has partnered with AMC's The Walking Dead for a line of Valentine's Day ecards. The humorous cards features the signature walkers from The Walking Dead horror series. A walker is wearing heart-shaped sunglasses in one of the ecards. Read more... February 11, 2016

Hallmark Signature Partners With Designers and Design Studios for New Card Collections

Hallmark Signature has introduced its new Signature Designer Collaborations. Hallmark partnered with different designers and design studios for each collection. Read more... February 3, 2016

American Greetings Launches Tongue Waggin' Wishes

American Greetings has launched a new interactive greeting card line called Tongue Waggin' Wishes. The cards combine cute animals, interactive surprises, music and cheerful birthday messages. Read more... March 21, 2015

T. Rex Fossil Mug Has a Tail for a Handle

This clever T. Rex fossil mug would make a great gift for dinosaur lovers. The brown ceramic mug has a handle that resembles the tail bones of a T. Rex. A white T. Rex skeleton is pictured on the brown mug. The tail handle and skeleton help create a 3-D effect. Read more... March 18, 2015

American Greetings Launch Automotions Birthday Cards

American Greetings has announced the launch of a new line of Automotions birthday cards. The cards were inspired by viral video clips. Read more... March 1, 2015

American Greetings Launches Wiggle It Wishes Valentines

American Greetings has launched a line of Wiggle It Wishes Valentine's Day cards. The humorous greeting cards feature dancing animals wearing fabric underwear. A dog wearing Valentine's Day themed boxers is pictured on the card above. Read more... February 2, 2015

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