Grillbot is a Grill Cleaning Robot

Updated June 3, 2016, originally posted on May 17, 2014


We are still in the era where there are robots that do only one thing. The Grillbot, a robot designed to clean grills, is one of the those types of robots. Someday, hopefully soon, there will be robots capable of performing many different household tasks. Consumer Reports reviewed the new Grillbot in the video below. The robot runs around inside the grill cleaning the grill with its brushes. It makes a loud clanging when it is moving around inside your grill.

Consumer Reports found that there was still residue on the grill grates after using the Grillbot. They did find the brushes can be cleaned in the dishwasher as advertised. The Grillbot costs $129.95 and are available in different colors at Grillbot can also be found on hwere it is available in black, blue, orange and red.

Consumer Reports notes that a good brush is cheaper, around $25, although a brush does mean you have to clean the entire grill yourself. Take a look:

Update: 6-3-16: A tutorial video from Grillbots can be found here.

Photo: Grillbots
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