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CVS Pharmacy Unveils 2016 Black Friday Ad With Deals for ExtraCare Members

CVS Pharmacy has released its 2016 Black Friday ad. The ad features deals for CVS' ExtraCare members. The three day Black Friday sales event starts Thanksgiving Day and runs through Saturday, Nov. 26. Read more... November 23, 2016

Rite Aid Releases 2016 Black Friday Ad

Rite Aid has unveiled its Black Friday deals for 2016. The sales will begin at 8 a.m Thursday or 7 a.m. Black Friday depending on store location. The sale will run through Saturday. Read more... November 22, 2016

Top 2016 Black Friday Wearable Deals on Apple Watch, Fitbit and Garmin

Wearables are a very hot emerging gadget market with activity trackers presently leading the charge. Fitbit has the dominant activity tracker and retailers are offering deals on various Fitbit devices for Black Friday. Other popular wearable include the Apple Watch, Pebble smartwatch and Garmin's activity trackers. Read more... November 20, 2016

Garmin Announces Vivofit Jr. Activity Tracker

Garmin has announced a new activity tracker for children called Vivofit jr. The tracker also acts a motivator to encourage kids to stay active. It tracks steps, sleep and activity. It has a one year battery life. Read more... October 27, 2016

Lea Michele Talks Diet and Fitness with Shape Magazine

Actress Lea Michele covers the November 2016 issue of Shape magazine. Lea stars in the horror series Scream Queens on Fox. The former Glee star will also appear in an upcoming drama series called Dimension 404 with Constance Wu. Read more... October 21, 2016

Prices for EpiPen Have Surged Nearly 500% Since 2009

Drug prices can be very expensive and prices on some specific drugs have soared out of control. One of those drugs is the EpiPen which has surged nearly 500% since 2009. The EpiPen is crucial for people with allergies. Families are having trouble affording the much needed drug at the new prices. Most of the prices on GoodRx show it costing well over $600 for a package containing 2 auto-injectors. Read more... August 27, 2016

Bacon Bandages Resemble Strips of Bacon

You can now cover your small wounds with bandages that resemble strips of bacon. It will look like you have a delicious piece of bacon on your body instead of a regular boring adhesive bandage. Read more... August 26, 2016

Kinsa Launches Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer

Kinsa has launched the Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer. The thermometer features an Elmo face and coloring. It contains an infrared temperature sensor to record a child's temperature. Read more... August 4, 2016

CDC Issues Unprecedented Travel Warning Over Zika Virus in Miami

The CDC has issued an unprecedented travel warning. CNN reports that the travel advisory warns pregnant women and their partners to avoid a small area just north of Miami. This area is where mosquitoes have been found to be carrying the Zika virus. CNN says this is the first warning issued by the CDC advising people to avoid a U.S. neighborhood to avoid a disease. Read more... August 2, 2016

Walgreens to Close and Online Stores

Walgreens is going to close its and websites. This will enable it to focus on its main ecommerce site. The two sites are expected to close by the end of September 2016. Read more... August 1, 2016

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