iHome Launches iDL46 Stereo Alarm Clock Radio and Charging Station for iPhone/iPad

Posted on May 25, 2014

iHome iDL46 device

iHome has launched its iDL46 docking station. The device is an alarm clock, radio and charging station for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. The alarm clock includes a gradual wake and gradual sleep feature. You can select to wake up to a custom playlist, alarm or the FM radio. The iDL46 can charge your device using a Lightning dock or USB port.

The iDL46 uses Reson8 sound technology. Other features include 6 FM presets and the ability to automatically sync its clock with your iPhone in seconds. The power source is a universal 100-240V AC adaptor. The device costs $99.99 and can be found on ihomeaudio.com. A similar device with less features is the iPL22, which costs $69.99.

Photo: iHome
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