IK Multimedia Introduces iRing for iOS Devices at CES 2014

Posted on January 10, 2014

iRing Technology

IK Multipmedia introduced its iRing technology at CES 2014. iRing is a combination of rings and apps that let you control music on your devices without touching them. The iRing has black dots on the back that can be recognized by the front-facing camera on the iPad, iPhone or iPod. This enables users to use gesture control and wave their hands in front of their device to control music.

Two iRing rings and two apps from the App Store are available for pre-order at $24.99. The rings are available in white, silver and green. Engadget thinks it will be of most interest to DJs. CNET reports that iRing will launch this quarter. Take a look:

Photo: IK Multimedia
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