iLuv's New Bluetooth Alarm Clock Will Shake Your Pillow

Updated July 20, 2016, originally posted on June 24, 2014

iLuv TimeShaker Micro

iLuv has announced its TimeShaker Micro Bluetooth clock radio. The alarm clock has a detachable shaker that fits under pillow and vibrates to wake you up. iLuv says the device is useful to discreetly wake up a sleeping person that shares a room with another. The shaker is attached to a six foot cable.

The device features a FM stereo radio, large LCD display, 3.5mm jack, multiple alarm system and USB charging port. The clock radio can play music from devices wirelessly using Bluetooth. The LCD display has a 10-level dimmer.

The TimeShaker Micro costs $49.99. It is directly from iLuv and from Here is a video of the alarm clock in action:

Photo: iLuv
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