Jakks Pacific Launches Giant Clone Trooper Figures for Star Wars Day

Posted on May 2, 2013

31 inch 501 Legion Clone Trooper action figure

Jakks Pacific is celebrating Star Wars Day, May 4, by launching new giant 31-inch figures. The new figures include the Revenge of the Sith 501st Legion Clone Trooper and Shock Trooper. The figures will retail for $29.99.

Tara Hefter, Vice President, Licensing for Jakks, said in a statement, "The legendary clone troopers are as iconic in the Star Wars universe of characters as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, and we are excited to add them to our 31-inch Giant Figure line. Our stellar lineup of 31-inch Giant Star Wars action figures will allow a new generation of fans to live out the epic adventures and battles between the Light and Dark Sides of the Force."

31 inch Shock Trooper Star Wars action figure

Jakks also introduced a 31-inch tall Darth Vader action figure at the 2013 Toy Fair.

Photos: Jakks Pacific
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