Jane Krakowski Livens Up the Today Show by Smooching Dr. Oz and Jason Bateman

Posted on January 31, 2013

Photo of Jane Krakowski kissing Dr. Oz on 
The Today Show

Naughty, naughty Jane Krakowski. She was a guest on The Today Show this morning, along with Dr. Oz and Jason Bateman. Jane was there to talk about the end of 30 Rock. Just before they went to a commercial break, Jane leaned over and gave Dr. Oz a big kiss on the mouth. Not content to cause trouble with just one guest, she then leaned over and proceeded to make out with Jason. When they came back from break, Dr. Oz had prudently covered his mouth with a red x to prevent any future kissing outbreaks. It's really funny, take a look:

PHoto of Dr. Oz with his mouth taped shut to avoid kissing

Photos: Peter Kramer/Today
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