Julianne Hough Covers March 2013 Issue of Self Magazine

Posted on February 13, 2013

Julianne Hough March 2013 Self Magazine Cover

Julianne Hough covers the March 2013 issue of Self magazine. Julianne has a new film, Safe Haven, coming out on Valentine's Day. The film co-stars Josh Duhamel. In the Self interview, Julianne talks about Ryan Seacrest, finishing her entire plate at dinner and how she gained wait after Dancing With the Stars.

On Ryan Seacrest: "Ryan plays my supporter. From day one, I've said that I'm here to accomplish my goals whether somebody is in my life or not. I'd never want anybody to be in control of what I do. He knows that's big with me."

On Finishing Her Plate: "I have a hard time not finishing my plate. I got that from my grandma. When we'd be full, she'd say, 'You dished your plate. You gotta eat it all.' I'd say, 'Grandma, but I'm so full!' She'd say, 'Stand up and jump up and down.' We'd jump to get our food down quicker, so we could stuff more in there. Now, it literally looks like I've licked my plate after dinner."

On Gaining Weight After DWTS: "When I was dancing eight hours a day on DWTS, I was 102 pounds and all muscle. Once I stopped, I gained 20 pounds in a month! I want to be healthy, I want to have kids and I want to live a long time. So, I'm eating well, working out and embracing my butt, curvy legs and hips. Besides, if you're too thin, you look older."

Here is a behind-the-scenes video. Of course, she dances and jumps around during most of the shoot. Take a look:

Photo: Self
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