K-Cup Explosion: Coffee Pod Market Jumps to Over $3 Billion in About Five Years

Posted on February 18, 2014

The single-serve coffee pod market is really exploding. CBS News reports that the it was just a $132 million market in 2008 and has exploded to become a $3.1 billion market in 2013. It is expected to get even bigger this year. You have likely noticed the growing shelf space of K-Cups and other single-serve coffee pods at the grocery store.

It is no secret that you are paying a lot more to use pods than if you make a pot of coffee with grounds. It is also cheaper to use the refillable pods for your single-serve brewer than to buy the pre-filled K-Cups. However, brewing with K-Cups is cheaper than purchasing coffee from a coffee shop.

Consumer Report's senior projects editor Tod Marks talked to CBS This Morning about the coffee pods. He said people are willing to spend the money on pods because of the convenience. Marks also says the automatic drip coffee makers make better coffee according to Consumer Reports testing.

Take a look:

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