Katy Perry Dons Catsuit to Promote Purr Fragrance

Posted on October 15, 2010

Katy Perry in her Purr Catsuit with a ball of yarn

Katy Perry dons a pink and purple latex catsuit and poses near a giant ball of yarn to promote her new fragrance called Purr. Purr will be Katy Perry's first fragrance. It will be released in November. The Purr campaign was shot by photographer Miles Aldridge and was inspired by Purr's cat-shaped bottle.

Katy Perry lying on bed in a purple catsuit in Purr campaign

Katy Perry crawling in Purr Catsuit on a pink bed

Katy Perry launched her new fragrance Purr at Selfridges in London. She announced to the crowd that she was ready to sign their whiskers, paws and cat-shaped Purr bottles.

What a fun campaign and concept. Here is a close-up of the cat-shaped fragrance bottle:

Katy Perry Purr Perfume Bottle

Photos: Gigantic Parfums
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