Katy Perry's Dark Horse Music Video

Posted on February 21, 2014

Stills from Katy Perry's Dark Horse music video

Katy Perry's new Dark Horse music video is visually pleasing and entertaining. The song, featuring Juicy J, is from Katy's Prism album. Katy Perry channels Cleopatra in the entertaining new video. There are lots of great costumes, including dancers in awesome cat masks. Katy-Patra is reviewing gifts brought to her by her subjects. If Katy-Patra does not like a gift then she disintegrates the gift giver. Jiff the puppy also makes a cameo in the video. Jiff is not accepted by Katy-Patra and her dancing cat servants, but fortunately the adorable Jiff is spared disintegration. Take a look:

Photo: Capitol Records
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