Kettle Brand Adds Two New Potato Chip Flavors

Posted on February 20, 2013

Kettle Brand Adds Maple Bacon and Sweet and Salty Flavors

Kettle Brand is adding two new flavors to its line of kettle-cooked potato chips. The new flavors are Maple Bacon and Sweet & Salty. Kettle Brand says the Maple Bacon chips combine flavors of bacon, maple syrup and chili pepper. The Sweet & Salty kettle chips pair sea salt with cane sugar.

Carolyn Ottenheimer, Kettle Brand's chief flavor architect, said in a statement, "As with our first-of-its kind Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper in 1999 or Cheddar Beer, one of our first People's Choice chip selections in 2005, these two distinct new flavors embody the preferences of today's consumer and have the potential to become timeless classics."

5 oz. bags of the chips cost $2.69 and 8.5 oz. bags cost $3.49.

Photo: Kettle Brand
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