Kool-Aid Man Gets Digital Makeover

Posted on April 16, 2013

Kool Aid Man Digital Makeover

Kraft Foods has given the Kool-Aid Man a digital makeover. Previously a costumed character, Kool-Aid Man is now CGI-generated. In addition to his new look, the Kool-Aid Man also has a new voice. Kool-Aid Man will still utter his iconic tagline "Oh Yeah!," but he will also have an expanded vocabulary and developed personality. He also has his own Facebook page.

The upcoming television ads will feature Kool-Aid Man decided which of 22 flavor outfits to wear as he visit the gym, interacts with neighbors and smashes through walls. Kraft says a Kool-Aid Man PhotoBomb Android and iOS app will launch in June that will enable fans to superimpose different images of Kool-Aid Man into their personal photos.

Photo: Kraft Foods
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