Kuhn Rikon Launches New Veggie Peelers

Posted on May 27, 2014

Kun Rikon Veggie Peelers

Kuhn Rikon has launched new veggie peelers. They include a Potato Peeler, Tomato Peeler and Carrot Peeler. Each peeler has a cute base resembling the vegetable or fruit it is named after. The Potato Peeler is designed to cut potatoes, apples and pears. The Tomato Peeler is serrated and is designed to cut soft fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, peaches and plums. The julienne Carrot Peeler was designed to cut matchstick strips of vegetables like carrots and zucchini.

Kuhn Rikon says the peelers are suitable for both left and right-handed use. They cost $6 each.

Photo: Kuhn Rikon
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