Led Zeppelin, David Letterman and Dustin Hoffman Honored at Kennedy Center

Posted on December 3, 2012

Led Zeppelin, David Letterman and Dustin Hoffman were among the honorees at the Kennedy Center honors, held last night. Celebrities and politicians mingled on the red carpet and talked about the honorees. Dave Grohl said he learned how to play the drums by listening to Led Zeppelin records and it was a big deal to be there to honor the band. Robert Plant said he was proud to be associated with American music. When asked what he thought when he was told of the honor, David Letterman said he realized there had been a mixup in accounting, and they are looking into it. But since he had already paid for his tuxedo he decided to stay for the ceremony. Dustin Hoffman said the best thing was that his entire family, including the grandkids, were there with him. Other honorees were famed ballerina Natalia Makarova and bluesman Buddy Guy. Take a look:

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