Macy's and Sean John Launch Sweater With Video Screen Embedded on Sleeve

Posted on December 4, 2012

Sean John Macys Video Name Tag Sweater

Macy's and Sean John have partnered to launch video fashion clothing. Sean John has designed a shawl collar fleece sweater that contains a windowed pouch on the sleeve. The pouch contains a video screen which can continuously play customized videos. A list of Macy's stores that will be carrying the sweater with the video screen can be found here.

The video screen on the sweater is Recom Group’s innovative Video Name Tag technology, which is a wearable Organic LED (OLED). Recom's technology was first displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, 2012.

Here is a demonstration of the OLED screen on a shirt and pants. Yes, video screens are going to be everywhere. Probably, even on your socks. Take a look:

Photo: Macy's
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