Massive Security Plans in Place for Super Bowl XLVIII

Posted on January 15, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII will be held at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The big event combined with the location means there will be a massive security presence. Perimeter fencing will go all the way around the stadium providing a large security perimeter. ESPN reports that some of the security precautions include radiological detection devices and metal detectors. There will be at least 4,000 police officers as well as numerous police dogs.

Most of the people coming to the game will be using some sort of mass transit. Businessweek reports that the game is being dubbed the "first mass transit Super Bowl." 70% off the 80,000 spectators will arrive at the game using public transportation. The means there will likely be increased security at trains and bus stations as well as at the stadium.

Lt. Col. Ed Cetnar, Deputy Superintendent of Operations, NJ State Police, says, "We're approaching it basically from an air, land and sea concept. Because as you know there's waterways in and around the stadium, there's waterways around our hotels and and some of the other venues we will be having activities with."

Aaron Ford, head of the FBI's Newark office, says, "Our tactical teams have been training throughout the year for different scenarios to include active shooter, bomb threats and hazards related to chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear threats." Take a look:

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