Nebraska Lures Tourists With Nice New Slogan

Posted on May 18, 2014

Visit Nebraska Visit Nice campaign

Nebraska is luring tourists to its state with a new campaign. The campaign has the slogan, "Visit Nebraska. Visit Nice." A comforting video was revealed along with the new "Visit Nice" campaign. Take a look:

Professor Sharr Prohaska from New York University doesn't think the campaign has enough to draw people off the interstate. She tells CBS News, "You have to catch them. It's like fishing. You have to have something that just catches them right away."

On the plus side, the campaign certainly isn't offensive and it is much better than some other state campaigns that failed, such as Washington's short-lived "Say Wa" campaign and Alaska's strange "B4UDIE" campaign. There could be people who want to visit the "Nice" state. Information about visit Nebraska can be found on the website. Take a look:

Image: Nebraska Tourism Commission
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