New Diet Coke Ads Featuring Marc Jacobs Revealed

Posted on March 11, 2013

Marc Jacobs Pulls Top on Giant Diet Coke Can

Designer Marc Jacobs stars in a new series of print ads and commercials for Diet Coke. In the print ads, Jacobs interacts with model model Ginta Lapina and an over-sized Diet Coke cans and bottles. Jacobs also designed the Diet Coke cans and bottles. The ad campaign was shot by photographer Stephane Sednaoui. You can find more of the photographs here on Diet Coke's Facebook page.

Jacobs also stars in a funny Diet Coke commercial where Jacobs and three women are in a photobooth. When Jacobs presses different decade buttons (80s, 90s, etc.) their outfits transform. Take a look:

Marc Jacobs With Giant Diet Coke Bottle in ad campaign

Photos: Diet Coke
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