IntelliPlug Smart Plug Finds Success on Indiegogo

June 19, 2017
Intelliplug Smart Pllug

Intelliplug is a new smart plug from cnct Life. The app-enabled Wi-Fi plug does not require a central hub. It was also designed to be small enough to not crowd out other plugs.

Intelliplug is billed as a small and affordable premium smart plug. It can control what is plugged into it through the accompanying app. For example, you could turn on the coffee maker in the morning or use it to off lights. You can also use the app to schedule devices to turn on and off.

Intelliplug is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. It is already well over its $25,000 goal. It has raised over $71,000 with 24 days remaining. You can get 1 intelliPlug for $10 through Indiegogo. The smart plugs will have an MSRP of $25 at retail. They are estimated to ship in August 2017.

Image: Cnct Life

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