Motion Activated Bed LED Light from Emotionlite

May 18, 2017
Emotionlite Motion Activated LED Bed Light

This LED light from Emotionlite contains a motion sensor so it will light up when it picks up your movement. The light will then stay on for 90 seconds. This keeps you from having to hunt for the light switch in the early morning hours.

The light has a 3M adhesive backing so it could also be installed in a variety of places such as the kitchen, stairway, hallway, bathroom, etc. The strip is 1.25 meters with 72 pcs LEDs. The color temperature is 1600-1800K. It is described as a "warm white soft glow." The LED strip output is 120 lumens. The motion detector has a range of 3 meters.

Where to Buy: $21.99 at Amazon

Image: Emotionlite

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