New Element 4K Ultra HD TVs Have Amazon Fire Built-in

May 17, 2017
Element 4K Ultra HD TV with Amazon Fire

Element Electronics and Amazon have collaborated a new line of low-priced TVs. The TVs all have Amazon Fire technology built-in. The TVs are 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs.

The Amazon Fire TVs compete with TVs that have Roku built-in. A TechCrunch story says, "The play is a pretty clear one for the company — Amazon’s taking Roku on directly yet again." TCL Roku Smart TVs have been among the bestselling TVs on Amazon as you can see here on Amazon's bestselling TV page.

The Amazon Fire TVs range in price depending on size starting at $449.9 for a 43-inch and up to $899.99 for a 65-inch. The TVs are set to be released on June 14, 2017.

Where to Buy: $449.90 at Amazon

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