Octopus Cookie Cutter Available as Part of Oceana Adoption Gifts

Posted on December 5, 2012

Oceana Octopus Cookie Cutter from Adoption Package

Oceana has announced its seventh annual "Adopt a Marine Creature" holiday giving program. The program provides support for Oceana and its efforts to protect the world's oceans.

Oceana Vice President Matt Littlejohn said in a statement, "Adopting an ocean animal at Oceana.org makes a fantastic gift for a loved one. It is a great way to both protect the world's oceans and give a gift that means something."

Adoption packages range in price for $30 to $150. The octopus adoption packages include an octopus cookie cutter and octopus plush toy. THere are also adoption packages for many other marine creatures, including dolphins, clownfish, sharks, puffins, rays and sea turtles. You can find all the adoption packages here.

Photo: Oceana
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